"The Disposable Toothbrush": A Specially Designed, Portable, Covered Toothbrush With an Integrated Toothpaste Dispenser Inside the Handle

Invents introduces "The Disposable Toothbrush" which makes for a smashing flashy smile every time you laugh.

​Dental hygiene is an important part of everyone’s daily personal care. Sometimes one is in a location where access to a toothbrush is not readily available but, if using the new Disposable Toothbrush, that is not necessarily the case. The Disposable Toothbrush is a specially designed, portable, covered toothbrush with an integrated toothpaste dispenser inside the handle. It uses an easy-to operate roller style dispenser with the design intent to provide consumers with a convenient 2- in -1 toothpaste and toothbrush product, thus providing a simple and hygienic means of brushing the teeth whether at home or on the go.
The Disposable Toothbrush looks like a standard toothbrush, but it is unique in its design. The handle is somewhat different because it contains the toothpaste for brushing. It is compact, lightweight and can be easily carried wherever one is going. It is a practical product and even when used in the home, frees up counter space and ends messy tubes leaking onto the sink or counter. It is the perfect addition to vending machines in places such as hotels, hospitals, cruise ships, rest areas along major highways and other areas where vending machines are available to the public.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Disposable Toothbrush.
The Patent Pending Disposable Toothbrush was invented by Ricardo LaFortune of Somerset, NJ who said, “The ability to manage proper oral hygiene can be difficult, particularly when an individual is constantly on the go.  The Disposable Toothbrush provides users with a toothbrush and toothpaste in an all-in-one unit and can be tossed into the garbage can or wastebasket when finished. It is perfect to have in the briefcase, handbag, backpack, or a desk. No one will ever be the wiser when you slip away to meticulously brush your teeth having succeeded in the battle against cavities and the fight against gum disease.”

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