"The Doggie Tag Along": A Specially Designed Dog Leash

"The Doggie Tag Along" is a device every dog walker of more than one dog will love.

The task of walking more than one dog at a time can be cumbersome and tiresome both for the dog walker and the dogs. The new Doggie Tag Along is a specially designed dog leash configured for use with two or more dogs. The design intent is to provide consumers with a simple and comfortable means of walking multiple pets simultaneously with one hand only.

The Doggie Tag Along is manufactured to accompany an existing standard retractable leash and is able to easily accommodate two dog simultaneously. As such, the Doggie Tag Along leash is a shorter dog leash and secured to one end of The Doggie Tag Along leash and is an oval quick links fastener manufactured of heavy duty steel or comparable metal material designed to attach the quick link on the Doggie Tag Along (the smaller leash) onto the already manufactured (existing and available in stores) retractable dog leash. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Doggie Tag Along.

The Patent Pending Doggie Tag Along was invented by Randy and Terri McHenry of Garden Grove, CA, who said, “Unless anyone has experienced the problem of one dog going in one direction and others in another, it is impossible to understand how helpful the Doggie Tag Along will be. Bet of all, Doggie Tag Along works!”

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