"The Drain Mate ": Offers Homeowner a "Professional Push and Pull" to Remove Drain Clogs

The Drain Mate is a suctioning device configured expressly to be utilized in conjunction with a wet/dry vacuum and specially designed to easily remove tough clogs from drain pipes of sinks, tubs and toilets. The design intent is to provide household consumers with an easy, affordable means of eradicating plumbing problems themselves, without having to depend on costly professionals to do the job. The Drain Mate will also appeal to professional plumbers.

Drain Mate is manufactured of a heavy duty, malleable rubber material and comprised of an open, bell-shaped suction mechanism, similar in appearance to the head of a plunger. It is designed to fit over the clogged drain with a cylindrical nozzle inserted into the top of the unit that is affixed to the suction hose of a wet/dry vacuum. The Drain Mate is 7”H with a vacuum hose attachment extending from the top of the suction mechanism two inches with the suctioning tool itself measuring 5”H x 5¾” D at the base of the unit. This suction head tapers inwards incrementally in curved sections towards the top of the unit, with the top of the suction head measuring approximately 1¾” in diameter. The hose nozzle attachment extends from the top of the suction head 2” and has an overall length of 4”. It is cylindrical in shape and the attachment boasts a narrow neck inserted into the top of the suction mechanism and hovering inside the center of the unit. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Drain Mate. 
Drain Mate is Patent Pending and was invented by Raymond Beck and Oneil Coakley of Brooklyn, NY who said, “Being your own handyman/plumbing technician saves both time and money. Stubborn clogs are suctioned out with ease and leave drains in proper working order in a matter of seconds. Drain Mate works easily and perfectly for every user.”

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