"The Drill Locator": A Complete 3-in-1 System Locating Hot Spots Prior to Drilling

​The Drill Locator is a corded or cordless, professional-quality, heavy-duty electric drill that would not only perform as a standard drill, but also serve as a handy, all-in-one tool for locating gas lines and hot and cold electrical wiring – sparing the worker time, trouble, and costly on-the-job mistakes. This product works for both homeowner Do-It-Yourselfers, and a variety of tradesmen in the construction and maintenance industries. It is a tool of uncommon utility and can visualize the path of its own drill-bit indicating to the user before the hole is drilled, that an obstruction is behind the area where drilling is being considered. 

The Drill Locator is a unique premium-quality corded or cordless electric drill equipped with the capability to see through a solid structure such as a wall, floor or ceiling. As such it is to locate to hot or cold electrical wiring as well as gas lines in order that the drill operator has a clear route for the hole to be drilled. This allows the user to find a clear route for the hole to be drilled because it incorporates a GPS tracking device and as such, allows the display panel to alert the user to the presence and track of either electrical wiring or gas lines. Besides these benefits and more, the Drill Locator can incorporate a voltage tester to find and identify hot and cold wiring. Another use would be an electronic stud-finder in the drill as a stud finder is used to sense differences in densities between non-backed drywall and stud-back sheetrock.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Drill Locator. 

The Patent Pending Drill Locator was invented by Pablo DeJesus of North Bergen, NJ who said, “The Stud Finder may be a new device but it has been needed for a long time by construction and maintenance personnel and homeowners who do their own work.  It eliminates missed holes and potential problems if “hitting” a major wire or gas line. Obstructions are viewed before a problem exists. The Drill Locator works.” 

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