"The D's Runners": Increase The Speed And Comfort Of The Horse As Well As Its Health And Safety

"The D's Runners" are sneakers for horses that increase comfort and speed.

Attention equine owners and riders! Even horses perform better when their feet are comfortable and the new D's Runners complement existing iron horseshoes with a cushioned rubber horseshoe. It is designed primarily for race-horses and intended to increase the speed and comfort of the horse as well as its health and safety. D's Runners are attached to a regular horseshoe giving better performance and comfort for the horse.

D's Runners are a form-fitting 'overshoe' for horses and are fabricated in tough durable dense rubber or synthetic rubbers and slips over the existing metal horseshoes. They serve as a high-traction outer sole. They are produced in different colors, shapes and sizes as required by an owner or farrier. D's Runners come in both a smooth and cleated versions; the smooth sole suitable for good running conditions on groomed tracks and the cleated version suitable for wet, muddy, icy and snowy conditions. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in D's Runners.

The Patent Pending D's Runners was invented by David Vega of Bronx, NY who said, “I believe that D's Runners will enable a race horse to run faster over a given distance and do so at less risk of injury and more comfortably as well. The cushion and supports is just as important to equine athletes as athletic shoes are to human joggers and runners. Perfect not only for race horses but also those pulling carriages in city parks.”

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