"The Duck Buggy": A Specially Designed Pedal-Operated Riding Toy

"The Duck Buggy" every toddler will want to open, enter, and drive in this bright yellow egg!

Fun times with children are made even better when the toys and equipment make for added laughs. The Duck Buggy is a specially designed pedal-operated riding toy for use by toddlers and small children with the toy cleverly configured in the shape of a duck egg. It boasts a variety of interactive features with the design intent to provide parents with a simple and fun way in which to keep their child occupied and entertained via a charging riding toy. The Duck Buggy is primarily for children 3 years old and above. It has a number of features offered which provide a variety of engaging activities for the driver/rider.

The Duck Buggy is lightweight even though it is heavy duty. It features electronic components as needed. The portable radio which is housed in the dashboard plays kid's songs that are not only fun but educational as well. The Duck Buggy has a horn which every child will enjoy because it makes a variety of quacking sounds when pushed but has an option to be silenced. The doors open to allow a child to enter without assistance. The convertible top can be removed or operated closed. It has a “make believe” windshield that provides a real car effect. This is a engaging design and is easy for a child to maneuver and it provides independence for a youngster as he or she grows. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Duck Buggy.

The Patent Pending Duck Buggy was invented by Barbara Minter of Los Angeles, CA who said, “As a retired educator I see many items which would be great for children. Parents and grandparents searching for the perfect gift need go no further than the Duck Buggy because the charming design of this new duck egg will enhance the little recipient. It is fun, it will make the child laugh and it works!”

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