"The E-EGG-Emergency Emitting Glare Gadget": An Emergency Light System

"The E-EGG-Emergency Emitting Glare Gadget" guides rescue workers in event of emergency using cautionary lights and focused beams into the sky.

There are all types of gadgets in the world today—some are useful and some are just plain junk. In the case of the E-EGG-Emergency Emitting Glare Gadget it is more than useful and can even save lives when used by drivers and others in emergency situations. The E-EGG-Emergency Emitting Glare Gadget is egg-shaped and equipped with a flush mounted, narrow focus, super-bright LED light which, when activated, will discharge a pure beam of tightly focused light straight upwards, thus enabling aerial rescue personnel to pinpoint the location of the device being utilized by a stranded or injured individual. It is powered by solar energy and is visible for miles on the ground and in the atmosphere pointing rescuers to the distressed person. The orange reflective flashing lights indicates any oncoming drivers to proceed with caution. It has its own legs that extend from three to five feet above the ground but also can be mounted onto a standard tripod for more height.

The E-EGG-Emergency Emitting Glare Gadget offers a wide range of consumers from motorists to hikers, campers, hunters, fishermen and boaters with an emergency light system. It is self-contained and only requires the sun's rays for a battery-charge. It is the perfect piece of emergency equipment for motorists and eliminates the need for dangerous chemical flares and unreliable road reflectors in order to alert approaching drivers. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the E-EGG-Emergency Emitting Glare Gadget

The Patent Pending E-EGG-Emergency Emitting Glare Gadget was invented by Jerome Chisom of Alta Loma, CA who said, “This is a great light source during power outages, in dark areas and at campsites, as well as for motorists when vehicles have broken down. Stranded hikers or boaters are quickly able to disclose their location when using the E-EGG-Emergency Emitting Glare Gadget. It works in an emergency and aside from a tripod needs no other products to work. It is compact and easy-to-use and should become a standard emergency kit product.”

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