"The E-Z Neat Collar": Shield Inserts Protect Collars and Cuffs From Dirt and Sweat

Fashionable and well-dressed means different things to different people—but cleanliness and odor free clothing go a long way in being considered neat and stylish. This is particularly true for professionals and others who regularly wear colored shirts during the workday. The E-Z Neat Collar is a line of easily attached, absorbent and disposable shield inserts specially designed to protect the collars and cuff areas of shirts against perspiration and debris. Made available in various sizes, shades, and colors to match the clothing to which they will be applied, the design intent is to provide an inconspicuous shield against perspiration and soil, preventing sweat and other detritus from staining and ruining expensive garments.

Manufactured of a sturdy and absorbent fabric-based material, each generally rectangular pad is sized to completely loop around the exterior area of an extra-large, open collar shirt so that the section of the collar that rests against the neck as well as the rear (which is exposed to contact with the hair and exterior elements) is fully covered. The collar liner is also offered in sizes appropriate for closed/tie collar shirts. To facilitate secure attachment each unit features a set of handy clip devices which are slightly serrated to grip the material of the shirt once it has been slid into place. The cuff guards in this line are of similar configuration on a smaller scale and designed for placement against the material of the shirt in these areas. These units are disposable and replaceable. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the E-Z Neat Collar. 
The E-Z Neat Collar is Patent Pending and was invented by Luis Acosta of Staten Island, NY, who said, “This product not only guards clothing but serves as a moisture barrier for the wearer. Stains are less apt to happen and it cuts back on repeated cleaning and premature replacement. Best of all, users will feel confident they look good and will be comfortable as well. The E-Z Neat Collar works.”

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Source: Invents Company


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