"The Ear Saver Pillow": A Specially Constructed Support Pillow

Invents unveils "The Ear Saver Pillow" facilitating comfortable sleep both when at home and while traveling.

Comfort comes from numerous avenues for different individuals but if one has a problem with his or her ears, then that comfort can be fleeting. Of all the five senses most people are born with, the ears are vitally important in order to hear and speak/communicate with others. The Ear Saver Pillow is a specially constructed support pillow fitted with cooling gel and designed with a centrally positioned cutout. The design intent is to provide optimal protection for the ear by way of an open area which helps to relieve pressure on the ear while resting or sleeping..

However when having an ear ache or a pulsing type of pain in the ear, it is impossible to be comfortable or communicate intelligently. The Ear Saver Pillow, basically shaped donut-like or circular is composed of an outer casing fashioned from a soft fabric. Pillow stuffing can vary from cooling gel-filled or cooling fiber-filled materials that conform to the curvature of the head and neck and remains cool to the touch. The opening in the pillow where the ear is placed removes any pressure. The Ear Saver Pillow is offered in various colors and designs to appeal to an individual taste. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Ear Saver Pillow.

The Patent Pending Ear Saver Pillow was invented by Robin Glaze of Kountze, TX who said, “The Ear Saver Pillow enhances ear health while sleeping or traveling. It is easy to use, comfortable, affordable and works for all ages. It is an orthopedic pillow that helps those who suffer from ear infections and sinus problems. No pressure means no ache. That is what the Ear Saver Pillow helps users accomplish.”

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