"The Ear Sleeve": An Important Protective Sheathe

Invents unveils "The Ear Sleeve" which works to end uncomfortable blisters around the ears of Bluetooth users.

​​Audio is just one of the five senses individuals enjoy and it is a vital one and yet sometimes we are careless about taking the proper care of our ears. Not recent, but still considered new, the Bluetooth wireless technology serves a purpose to exchange data over short distances from fixed and mobile devices. It is worn in the ear. It was originally conceived as a wireless alternative by Ericsson, a telecom vendor in 1994 and has been in continual use since then.

The Ear Sleeve serves as an important protective sheathe designed to fit around Bluetooth earpieces. It is durable and yet flexible and features a hollow channel so the unit can slide over the curved brace of the earpiece. This is a universal design and will accommodate virtually any existing Bluetooth headset, regardless of size, model, or manufacturer. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Ear Sleeve.

The Patent Pending Ear Sleeve was invented by Rodney Archambeau of Joliet, IL who said, “The soft padded rubber of the Ear Sleeve encompasses the unit completely and gives a cushiony buffer between the ear piece and the actual ear and provides a comfortable and secure fit. It works and it gives the comfort needed to the Bluetooth wearer.”

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