'The Easy Hook': Easy-to-Use Inside or Outside to Strongly Hang Needed Items

The Merriam Webster Online Dictionary has more than one description of installation but in this case, this description fits perfectly something (such as a piece of equipment) that is put together and made ready for use. The Easy Hook is a variation, fabricated in aluminum, of the familiar, screw-threaded cup-hook. Featuring a widened hook body that makes it far easier to grip and install with thumb and fingers, the Easy Hook is also far stronger than a cup-hook and can be used to hang anything from strands of Christmas lights to cables, tools, rope, and pictures on the wall or a post.

The Easy Hook is fabricated in aluminum and suitable for interior or exterior use. Measuring 33 millimeters in length and 2mm in width, the screw-threaded portion of the Hook is 12mm in length, with the hook portion measuring 20 mm in diameter. The key design distinction is that the hook itself, rather than being composed of a near-circular, relatively thin wire, is “filled in” and for the most part solid, with a 5mm, centered slot opening to a top-rounded cavity in the center. The thickening of the hook is the feature which makes the Easy Hook easy to handle and screw into a surface because it gives the thumb and fingers ample area for a comfortable grip or purchase; and the slot-and-notch opening of the Easy Hook ensures that objects hung from the Hook – particularly cables, wires, cords, or strands of Christmas lights – will remain securely in place. The Easy Hook is produced in a range of sizes for various applications. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Easy Hook.
The Easy Hook is Patent Pending and was invented by Martin Flores of Fontana, CA who said, “One of my main reasons for creating Easy Hook was that I wanted something permanent that could be left installed for Christmas and other seasonal lights. I did not want to use a staple gun or those flimsy plastic hooks that easily break, and the corrosion resistant Easy Hooks can remain installed because they are made of aluminum. It is the perfect way to obtain a secure hold with the slot-and-notch hook design. It has profound advantages in terms of performance, handling and ease of installation. It works perfectly.”

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