"The Easy Seat": A Specially Designed Toilet Seat Accessory

Invents unveils "The Easy Seat" which is a hands-free toilet seat means no germs or bacteria except on one's shoe.

​Comfort and ease of use are vital components of any bathroom. This is true in a home environment or a business. The Easy Seat is a specially designed toilet seat accessory that presents an integrated foot pedal. The design intent is to provide consumers with a convenient, sanitary, healthy and hands-free method of lifting and lowering the toilet seat. It is fashioned from a combination of metal and plastic materials with the framework of the Easy Seat system consisting of a series of plastic tubing or tubular rods extending from the pedal located on the floor at the side of the toilet. The lift mechanism is incorporated into the design at the hinge point of the seat and when the foot pedal is pressed it provides the lift to the seat.

The Easy Seat may well be the best seat in the house when this sanitary toilet seat is in use. Users will appreciate and benefit from the hands-free lift since one can easily lift the seat up as well as replacing it after use. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Easy Seat.

The Patent Pending Easy Seat was invented by Roosevelt Reynolds and Natalie Delerme of Chicago, IL who said, “There are myriad germs and bacteria lurking on a toilet seat and in order to keep them away would require complete cleansing of the top and bottom of the seat immediately after use. That, as we all know, is not practical and the major reason the Easy Seat is the answer. It works for all users and will also aid those with limited mobility. It is easy to install and easy to use.”

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