The Easy Washer Saves Water And More

The new Easy Washer reduces the clutter in your shower and also saves water.

This new device is a specially designed shower head with an integrated reservoir that can be filled with liquid soap, shampoo, or any other liquid and will become a bathroom The Easy Washer. There would be a variety of water pressure settings on the shower also. The Easy Washer is designed to provide users with a more comfortable means of directing and controlling the flow of water while providing a more convenient means of applying body cleaning products. This would help reduce the amount of time spent in the shower, and save water.

The specially designed shower head is easily attached to the neck of an existing shower head via an elongated water hose. It would measure 7 inches in circumference, and would be circular with the surface of the nozzle made with a series of openings through which water will be dispensed. The Easy Washer would also have an integrated reservoir made into the design of the shower head through which cleansing soaps and other bath products would be conveniently dispensed through.

Another feature that would enhance this product would be an adjustable pressure setting that allows the user to control the intensity of the water pressure as it is released from the nozzle. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Easy Washer.

The Patent Pending Easy Washer was invented by Kevin and Tujuana Lockett, of Chicago, IL, who said, "I wanted to make it easier for people, especially handicapped individuals, physically challenged persons and the elderly, to take a shower. Get in and get out could be a good slogan for this."

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