"The Emergency Urination Pillow": A Specially Designed Portable Urinal

"The Emergency Urination Pillow" is always on hand in case of emergencies when traveling.

Traveling by car with small children can be very challenging with the too frequent cries of “I have to potty”. Also, those who suffer from bladder control problems or incontinence may need frequent “pit stops”. If the travelers are in rural areas, there may be no rest areas or public bathrooms or if there are restrooms, they may be unsanitary. Now, there is a simple and sanitary way for travelers to go to the bathroom in the comfort and privacy of their own vehicle. The Emergency Urination Pillow is a specially designed portable urinal discreetly incorporated into the design of a travel pillow. An instantly available source of relief, The Emergency Urination Pillow is easily stored beneath a seat or in the vehicle trunk. It is useful not only for automobile travelers, but also for professional drivers and truckers.

Similar in appearance to a traditional pillow, The Emergency Urination Pillow is offered in sizes small, medium and large to accommodate children and adults of different statures. Machine washable, The Emergency Urination Pillow has soft cotton casing and lofty cotton, foam or comparable stuffing. The most notable aspect of this pillow is found in the clever inclusion of a urinal. A circular shaped hole (for men) or an indented opening (for females) is at the top center of the pillow. This opening leads to a large, hollow reservoir which is manufactured of leak-proof and water-repellent plastic material. The disposable liners are designed to encompass the interior urinal receptacle completely and can be secured to the mouth of the urinal via a Velcro® closure or comparable fastener. The washable pillow case is held securely closed via a simple self-affixing Velcro® fastener that runs the length of the case's opening. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in The Emergency Urination Pillow.

Patent Pending, The Emergency Urination Pillow was invented by Ozzie Davis of Los Angeles, CA, who said, “To use The Emergency Urination Pillow, one sits atop the pillow and eliminates waste directly through the opening, where it is contained within the collection reservoir. After use, the liner is discarded.”

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