"The Empty Clothes Hanger Rack": Provides a Place for Everything Keeping Everything in Place

​If anyone has ever tried to separate a pile of clothes hangers this new product makes the job simple, easy and fast. The Empty Clothes Hanger Rack is a place to store empty clothes hangers when you are ready to put on a garment in the bedroom. When it is time to do the laundry you just pick up the rack with all the hangers and carry them to the laundry area. When you have used all of the hangers with the new clean clothes, return the empty rack to the bedroom to repeat the cycle. The Empty Clothes Hanger Rack stands on its own.
The device is composed of four rods—two vertical wooden rods and two horizontal rods. When the Empty Clothes Hanger Rack is erected it stands approximately twelve inches high with an adjustable range of sixteen to twenty-six inches in width. In this manner the unit can easily fit even in the most cramped laundry areas. Using this device is so simple; in the bedroom when removing a garment, put it onto the empty clothes on the rack. On laundry day simply carry the rack with the hanger(s) to the laundry room and proceed as usual.   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Empty Clothe Hanger Rack.

The Patent Pending Empty Clothes Hanger Rack was invented by Paul Edwards of Naperville, IL who said, “The empty hangers are easily designated and expediently located within reach in the laundry area ensuring that there is a hanger available to accommodate clothes as they come out of the dryer. It eliminates running back and forth to find hangers and enhances laundry day for all who utilize this product. It works perfectly.”

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