"The Exercise Belt": Compact, Easily Portable and Affordable to Any Consumer Seeking Greater Fitness and Strength

Invents introduces "The Exercise Belt" which comfortably fits users for improved health and fitness exercise in any location.

​The Internet Online Dictionary specifies exercise three different ways—physical activity that is done in order to become stronger and healthier— a particular movement or series of movements done to become stronger and healthier—and something that is done or practiced to develop a particular skill. The new Exercise Belt is a form-fitting, elasticized foam waist belt designed for use with elastic resistance-band of varying strengths. It is constructed with strategically placed steel buttons or anchors to which the resistance-bands are attached. The user then pushes, pulls and lifts the bands in a range of motions.
The Exercise Belt is compact, easily portable and affordable to virtually any consumer seeking greater fitness and strength. It is ideal for beginners, athletes and others recovering from orthopedic injuries, as well as for those who frequently travel. Another area where it fills an exercise requirement is when someone lacks the space or the money for a home gym. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Exercise Belt.
The Patent Pending Exercise Belt was invented by Hung Viet Tar, a machinist living in Schwenksville, PA who said, “Any consumer seeking fitness and strength will benefit from using my Exercise Belt. It offers progressive levels of resistance and works for out-of-shape beginners as well as the seasoned athlete. It works.”

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