"The Express Lunch Box": Line of Insulated, Battery Operated, Temperature Controlled, Portable Food Containers

"The Express Lunch Box" keeps lunch hot or cold until it is ready to eat.

Do you have a problem finding a place to store your lunch at work because of overcrowded refrigerators, or not wanting to place your lunch in a refrigerator with old, stale food left in community refrigerators? Then The Express Lunch Box is the answer to your problems. A specially designed line of insulated, battery operated, temperature controlled, portable food containers, it is designed to provide an effective means of keeping on the go food warm or cold until ready to eat.

There is a switch-operated mechanism on the outside of the box, allowing a user to select either Hot or Cold. A standard wall charger will be included with The Express Lunch Box, as well as a car adapter that could be used in an automobile cigarette lighter. A very simply designed product, it could be packed and ready to use in a matter of minutes. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Express Lunch Box.
The Patent Pending Express Lunch Box was invented by Cidrac Jean-Francois, of Dingmans Ferry, PA,who said, “My Express Lunch Box would provide consumers with a portable container that will keep food warm, or cold until ready to eat. It is a great alternative to the standard food storage container and lunch box.”

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