"The EZ Auto Cover Buddy": Provides Cover From the Elements and Alerts Oncoming Traffic

Safety first is the foremost benefit of this cover but protection is a strong second for the person having to do engine repair or change a tire in emergency road conditions. The EZ Auto Cover Buddy is a transparent, flame retardant, inflatable, retractable cover featuring reflective strips and flashing lights, designed to protect motorists and mechanics from the elements and other drivers when making roadside repairs in inclement weather. With one version for under-the-hood repairs and a portable one for such repairs as changing a flat tire, this product is easy to use and keeps the motorist/mechanic protected and visible while performing emergency repairs.

Both versions of the EZ Auto Cover Buddy are fabricated in a transparent and UV blocking, polyurethane-coated polyester with an overhead covering, easy in-and-out side flaps, as well as reflective strips, flashing lights, and proper ventilation for optimal safety and visibility of the user and his or her surroundings, both the under-the-hood and the “tire-changing tent” versions are designed in either inflatable or retractable varieties. #1: The under-the-hood Buddy can be permanently mounted to the vehicle's firewall at the rear of the engine compartment. If retractable, this version is wound-up on a spring-loaded, ratchet-and-pawl type reel. The under-the-hood Buddy can be pulled forward by a centered, molded handle, to the extent needed for effective coverage of the engine and the mechanic. When inflated a push-button switch activates an air-pump and inflates the tarp to its full extension providing full coverage for the engine and mechanic. #2: The EZ Auto Cover Buddy is temporarily mounted to the roof of the vehicle via a magnetic strip sewn into the tarp's border seam and pulled outward and downward (or inflated) to provide a “tent” alongside the vehicle under which the tire-changing operation takes place. As with the under-the-hood version, the “tire-changing tent” version of the EZ Auto Cover Buddy is retractable and mounts to the roof of the vehicle via magnetized, rubber-padded feet. This portable version of the Buddy extends down from the vehicle's roof to the ground, providing a lean-to style tent under which tire-changing operations are done. The weighted bottom seam of the tarp and the outer side of the tarp are equipped with reflective strips and flashing lights making it visible to approaching motorists. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the EZ Auto Cover Buddy. 
The EZ Auto Cover Buddy is Patent Pending and was invented by Margaret Wilson of Manorville, NY who said, “This Inflatable cover protects the mechanic or owner during working on the vehicle but it also alerts other drivers of work being done on a vehicle under emergency conditions. It protects the user against the elements, whether rain, snow or sleet and serves as a notice to other drivers to be cautious.”

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