"The EZ Guttie Alert": Provides a Warning of Danger When Driving, Cycling or Walking

​Traffic can be stressful for those on the highway or road and streets in municipalities but this new product will reduce the anxiety one feels.  The EZ Guttie Alert is a comprehensive electronic detection and warning system. It is designed to warn drivers, as well as pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists of approaching emergency vehicles including police cars, fire engines, and ambulances. The EZ Guttie Alert would also include alerts for traffic signs, signal lights, and speed-limits: keeping all motorists – and those who use the road with them – safer and more aware of their environment.

The EZ Guttie Alert is an electronic, remote-sensing system operating via RF - Radio Frequency. The system, incorporated into the manufacture of new motor vehicles, works in concert with the vehicle GPS. It also is produced as an aftermarket accessory for existing vehicles or motorcycles as well as for a smartphone software application or wearable watch for pedestrians and bicyclists. When activated there is an audio-visual alert – a loud, beeping alert tone and a flashing red light.  The EZ Guttie Alert puts audio features on hold until the emergency has passed. The same feature applies to the smartphone-app version for cyclists and pedestrians. Vehicles with GPS will indicate the exact position of the approaching emergency vehicles and sense if one has pulled over and if, issue a voice-warning stating “Immediate Danger, Pull Over Now”. The system resets automatically. The EZ Guttie Alert shuts down a cellphone or smartphone if one attempts to text while driving. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the EZ Guttie Alert.
The Patent Pending EZ Guttie Alert was invented by Ismael Gutierrez of Rosemead, CA who said, “Everyone wants to be safe and the concern over safety increases when on the road. I am certain this system will save lives by alerting drivers to sirens they may not hear. Imagine driving in a van full of rambunctious and noisy kids, that and/or listening to loud music or if one is hard of hearing can create a problem, but not if  one has the EZ Guittie Alert system.”

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