"The Fan Cap, Battery Powered": A Ball Cap With A Battery-Powered Electric Fan

"The Fan Cap, Battery Powered" is a bug-barrier cap for all outdoor enthusiasts blowing away gnats from the face.

A slight breeze will often push insects away from the face and with that in mind, the ingenuity of an inventor developed the Fan Cap, Battery Powered. It is a ball cap, the visor of which incorporates a battery-powered electric fan designed to blow air down across the wearer's face. This device is intended for outdoor enthusiasts including joggers, runners, bicyclists, hikers, hunters, anglers and works great for those individuals who work outdoors. The Fan Cap, Battery Powered generates an air-flow barrier for cooling comfort.

The small rotary fan built into the visor or bill has a rechargeable battery pack worn on the belt and connected to a port on the rear of the cap. Produced in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors, the basic working design would be the same. The fan is equipped with an on/off switch. It will operate for up to 8 hours and if used intermittently rather than continuously, the duration of operation is greatly extended. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Fan Cap, Battery Powered.

The Patent Pending Fan Cap, Battery Powered was invented by William Nouza of Syosset, NY who said, “Minimizing perspiration and eliminating pesky bugs from your face and eyes will certainly enhance any out of doors experience. It works.”

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