"The Feather Duster Vacuum Attachment": Provides a Delicate Way to Clean Items for Both Commercial and Home Cleaners

​Careful cleaning of objets d’art and fragile porcelain and crystal items is an absolute necessity whether one is cleaning professionally in an office building, other type facility or in one’s own home. That can be done easily and safely with the new Feather Duster Vacuum Attachment.It is an attachment for a vacuum cleaner which combines a vacuum nozzle and a feather duster, enabling consumers to gently and effectively dust and vacuum delicate, fragile objects without disturbing them.  With each feather featuring perforated vacuum tubing for its shaft, from the bottom of the attachment to the top of the feather, the suction power is evenly channeled and more gentle when vacuuming the feather agitated dust particles on delicate items.
The Feather Duster Vacuum Attachment easily accommodates a standard vacuum-cleaner hose and includes an adapter-ring or similar mechanism for odd-sized hoses. The Feather Duster Vacuum Attachment widens progressively over its length to a diameter of three inches at the point where the feathers begin. Approximately 25 feathers (natural or synthetic) extend radially outward and upward from the nozzle tubing. With the pressure of the vacuum the dust particles are agitated by the feathers thus cleaning the dust with ease by suction.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Feather Dusty Vacuum Attachment.
The Patent Pending Feather Duster Vacuum Attachment was invented by Ken Eldred of New Canaan, CT who said, “This is a superb cleaning tool. It combines the delicacy of a feather duster with the suction of a vacuum cleaner and it is safe to use when one has delicate objects and surfaces needing cleaning. It works.”

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