"The Feminine Kit": A Handy All-in-One Pouch!

Invents introduces "The Feminine Kit" which provides monthly personal care without a problem.

​When the time comes for that feminine monthly appointment who wants to be late?  At certain age that possibility can be either welcome or not welcome, depending upon the individual and her age. But during the child-bearing age a woman has to be conscious of good personal care and this new product will be the perfect accessory. It is a handy all-in-one pouch that facilitates disposal within the pouch itself and provides females with a personal care product that is environmentally sound and cost effective, more so by far than other methods. It is convenient for women on the go and eliminates the need to carry a purse to a restroom and it works equally well for young girls in school.

 What makes this product so useful is that it contains all the items needed for a woman’s use during their periods, including tampons, liners and wipes. Better yet, it is quick and easy to dispose of after use. It is lightweight, leak-proof and can be sealed. The top of the unit features a draw-string style closure and it is in this manner that the product within can be removed and replaced with a used liner or tampon.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Feminine Kit.

The Patent Pending Feminine Kit was invented by Tiffany Johnson and Karen Sanders of Philadelphia, PA who said “Females now can have the ability to handle personal care during certain times of the month without fear of exposure or mess. The Feminine Kit supplies all one’s needs in one convenient package; it also doubles as a sanitary and discreet disposal pouch. When using The Feminine Kit, it eliminates using huge amounts of toilet tissue or paper towel to wrap soiled waste. It is perfect for women during their monthly menstrual cycles.”

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