"The Fenny Software": Digitally Capture How a Cosmetic Product, Accessory, or Service Will Look on the Individual Before Making the Purchase

Invents unveils "The Fenny Software" which works great for patrons in upscale and traditional retailers.

Computer software today is a complete puzzle to many regular computer users, but here is a new type software that is similar in appearance to a physical platform such as a free-standing photo booth. Inside the booth is a computer system with Fenny Software that allows the consumer to digitally capture how a cosmetic product, accessory, or service will look on the individual before making the purchase. Fenny Software provides a technologically advanced means of virtually viewing a product or service on one’s upper body ensuring a sound decision when contemplating new hairstyles, piercings, eyeglasses, makeup and other similar augmentations to one’s appearance. Customers will return often to the retailing locations offering this new device.
Although this format is a stand-alone booth, Fenny Software can also be made into a software application for use on smart phones, computers and tablets. The ability to digitally capture how a product will look on a person prior to spending money on it has a vital impact on consumers. The possibilities for use are virtually endless. Fenny Software will also permit a printout for a record of the possible alteration.  As a result, the individual can instantly know if the product flatters him or her.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Fenny Software.

The Patent Pending Fenny Software was invented by Paresh Gandhi of Totowa, NJ who said, “This is an easy way to control a purchase from a retailer or other type of store where Fenny Software is utilized. It truly is as easy as 1, 2, 3---take the photo, choose the product or service and print the photo. Anyone can do this. The market potential and trends are tremendous for those utilizing the Fenny Software.”

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