"The Fibro Fit": Allows Consumer to Use Fitness Ball Without Danger of Falling

Exercise is the curse and the blessing of numerous individuals. And, this new product is designed to make it both easy and effective. The Fibro Fit is a multifunctional support system designed to hold and steady a fitness ball, keeping the user from rolling or falling off the ball. Design intent is to provide consumers, particularly those with maladies such as arthritis and fibromyalgia, with a simple and effective means of better stabilizing a fitness ball, so that they can achieve optimal benefits from exercise regimens. The multipurpose Fibro Fit can also be turned over and used as an exercise step or step stool.

The Fibro Fit is a rectangular unit fabricated of durable plastic having a flat surface that rests atop four sturdy contoured legs at each corner. Both the top and bottom of the Fibro Fit is lines with a non-slip material to ensure the unit remains in place when used on either side. When turned upside down the empty area between the four legs is where the fitness ball will rest and held steadfastly while lying on the ball and a user can employ the Fibro Fit as support for arm and leg “swimming’ strokes doing sit-ups, push-ups, leg extensions and more. When the ball is removed Fibro Fit can be turned over and used for step aerobics or as a step stool. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Fibro Fit.

The Patent Pending Fibro Fit was invented by Barbara Ann Armbrister of Marion, VA who said, “This is a safe, simple and effective way to stabilize an exercise ball. Those who are disabled or suffer from arthritis or fibromyalgia benefit from the use of an exercise ball to tone muscles. Fibro Fit allows consumers to use an exercise ball without fear of falling. It works perfectly.”

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