"The Filter Holder": Conveniently Holds Pool and Spa Filters

​The Filter Holder is a set of specially designed containers, each sold separately, one for storing and one for cleaning and drying pool and spa filters. Combined as needed, the design intent is to provide a more efficient system for filter maintenance and storage, and one that will keep debris and pests away. The Filter Holder will be made of a durable, hard plastic material in a cylindrical shape. The unit's sleek, compact construction will allow it to be placed unobtrusively on decks or anywhere desired.

The Filter Holder will serve a dual purpose, so there will be a two-part assembly involved. One will be for cleaning and drying the filters and the other will simply hold the clean filters. The cleaning unit will be spacious enough for housing water and a cleaning solution. It will also include a drainage plug, air holes, and removeable caps at the top and bottom for drying. The holder or receptacle contains and maintains the clean and dry filters. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Filter Holder.

The Patent Pending Filter Holder was invented by Harriet Speed of Willingboro, NJ who said, “I have always had pools and spas, and could never find an appropriate place to clean or store my filters. And, that is how this design developed into the Filter Holder. It works.”

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