"The First Wheeler": A Driving Toy for Toddlers

Kids love to mimic the actions of their parent. This is true in a vehicle when pretending to be the driver. This situation is made possible for a youngster using the First Wheeler which is configured to resemble an automobile. The First Wheeler, A Driving Toy for Toddlers is a specially designed push toy for toddlers and young children featuring a working steering wheel that controls the direction of the toy. Designed to simulate the fun associated with driving a vehicle, the First Wheeler, A Driving Toy for Toddlers provides parents with a simple and fun way in which to keep their children occupied, physically engaged and entertained, via a charming new toy.

First Wheeler components mimic those of an automobile and is controlled by pushing and steering. Durably made of molded plastic and rubber it has two sturdy rubber tires joined via a horizontal support bar that hovers above the floor.  A battery powered headlight and license plate are mounted on this area and attached to the base assembly is the vertical support post on top of which is the steering wheel that controls the direction of the tires. An extended rear view mirror is beside the steering wheel and a small basket is positioned at the center of the First Wheeler's vertical support post allowing toys, snacks or other items to be stored and accessed by the child. To facilitate easy storage when not in use, the First Wheeler has an integrated kick stand enabling the child to park the unit upright. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the First Wheeler, A Driving Toy for Toddlers.
The Patent Pending First Wheeler, A Driving Toy for Toddlers was invented by Ernel Wright of Philadelphia, PA who said, “I love my children and try to keep them entertained. I also have a passion for cars and pulled those two traits together into developing a toy that keeps children amused and at the same sharpens their hand-eye coordination. A Driving Toy for Toddlers truly represents a youngster’s first wheeler. It works.”

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