"The Fish Skinning Pliers": An Improved Design for the Special Purpose Pliers Employed by Anglers

Invents introduces "The Fish Skinning Pliers" which takes the angler world by surprise when offered by a marina, sporting goods store or tackle dealer.

A sports hobby such as fishing can be challenging as well as enjoyable. Possibly one of the most difficult parts of fishing is not in catching the fish—but, in preparing it for dinner. That particular duty can be completed with ease when using the new Fish Skinning Pliers. They are an improved design for the special purpose pliers employed by anglers who skin their catch, preparing them for a meal.

The Fish Skinning Pliers are unique in that they have that perfect ergonomic no-slip handle. The pliers are designed with tool grade nickel chrome-vanadium steel and measure six inches in length. The scissors-type pliers have a wide, nearly circular clamp-mouth or wide mouth with a jaw width of 1¼ inches. When closed the tool measures two inches in width. The arc-shaped head resembles that of end-nipper pliers but has an interlocking pattern of beveled, serrated teeth along the edge of either opposing jaw. These teeth provide a secure grip on the skin of the fish and bite into the skin holding it as it is pulled. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Fish Skinning Pliers.

The Patent Pending Fish Skinning Pliers were invented by Hisham Odish, an experienced fisherman of Chicago, IL who said, “These unique pliers offer anglers the two qualities they most need in a pair of skinning pliers; and those two qualities that other pliers lack are a super-secure grip for the angler's pulling hand, and a super-secure grip on the skin of the fish.”

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