"The Fisherman's Seat": Makes a Long Day of Fishing Even More Comfortable

​Attention Fisherman!  Comfort during a long day of fishing is finally available when using this special seat. The Fisherman’s Seat offers the angler, whether fishing from a boat, from a dock, or from a pier with a railing, a simple compact, comfortable and portable seat. It is designed specifically for use with a boat’s gunwale or rail as a support to offer the boating angler a place to sit while still involved fully in the fishing action.  It is stable and adjustable and is equipped with cup holder and an arm rest tray. It is waterproof and adaptable for use on docks and piers.

The Fisherman’s Seat offers the anglers a way to ease the strain of standing for long periods of time. It is not intended to stand upright on its own but depends on the support of the rail on one hand and the deck on the other. The seat is equipped with two extendable ladder style hooks that rise to go over the boat’s rail or gunwale.  The rear support is provided by a single height adjustable pole or leg that has two feet which will rest on the deck.  Both the gunwale hooks and the feet are padded to ensure a stable grip and support and prevent it from marring the boat’s finish The seat is cushioned with memory foam. The tray serves as an area to keep track of other items as well as holds a beverage. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Fisherman’s Seat.
The Patent Pending Fisherman’s Seat was invented by Jack Biggica, Sr., of Ronkonkoma, NY who said, “This will easily move with the fishing tackle when on the way to the river, lake, pond or the ocean. It eases the strain of all day fishing and keeps me in touch with my rod and reel and the action of the moment. It is comfortable and it works.”

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