"The Fitness Mobility Scooter and Cart": Provides Simultaneous Transport and Lower Extremity Workout

Evidence to activate movement largely depends upon the type of provocation. If an individual wants to get to a certain destination sometimes, it requires rejuvenation and this is true for those facing mobility problems. Physical therapy can be the solution to keeping leg muscles and joints active. The Fitness Mobility Scooter and Cart is a motorized mobility scooter designed for use by the disabled and the elderly which incorporates a gear-and-chain driven set of pedals – not for locomotion but to physically stimulate and exercise the user's feet and legs as they rest on and follow the pedals in their rotary or stepping motion.

The Fitness Mobility Scooter and Cart in most respects resembles other electrically powered scooters in the marketplace. The scooter has chassis with three or four wheels – the two rear wheels driven by a battery-powered motor, the front wheel or wheels steered by either handlebars or by a steering wheel. The handlebar or steering wheel console is equipped with a detachable iPad® holder. The rider sits in a swiveling seat and operates the scooter's controls. The integrated foot pedals set this scooter apart and do not move the unit but provide user with a way to exercise while using the cart. The pedals can be used as a rotary or bicycle drive or as a stair stepper type. The chain-and-gear mechanism which drives the pedals in their rotary motion is connected to the drive-motor through a series of gears that ensure a slow but steady motion to the pedals. The pedals themselves are equipped with straps like sandals and keep feet in place while “pedaling” – and the gearing mechanism allows the user to stop the pedal motion at any time to rest. The pedals can be engaged (under battery power) when the scooter is parked or charging. The user can engage the pedals in an active manner using it like a stationary exercise. The Fitness Mobility Scooter and Cart provides a continuous, gentle, repetitive motion for passive exercise and movement of the feet, ankles, knees, legs, and lower abdominal muscles. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Fitness Mobility Scooter and Cart.
The Patent Pending Fitness Mobility Scooter and Cart was invented by Xiaoyong Chen of Munster, IN who said, “This is an important device because the individual who needs the scooter to move around also needs exercise to keep his or her muscles from atrophying. The Fitness Mobility Scooter and Cart allows a user to go about their daily activities and obtain a lower extremity workout at the same time.  It is needed and it works.”

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