"The Flash Eye Tester": Hands-Free Lit Work Surface Makes Job Simpler for Users

Technology changes the way many professions do business, and this is true with those who in the electrical field. In this case the device aids the job of the professional electrician and/or Do-It-Yourselfer by illuminating the work area. The Flash Eye Tester equips a portable electrical testing device with a compact, battery-powered flashlight – giving the electrician ample illumination of the work before him, and leaving free a hand that would otherwise be holding a flashlight. This handy light would appeal not only to electricians, but also to do-it-yourself householders.

This small lighting device is mounted on top or on the face of an electrical tester and is developed in two ways. One way incorporates a compact, directable flashlight into a variety of electrical testers so that a new product line of electrical testers, all featuring the Flash Eye Tester flashlight, is produced and marketed. The other way is producing the Flash Eye Tester as an aftermarket accessory that fastens to and works with a wide variety of existing electrical testers. As an aftermarket accessory for existing hand-held electrical testing devices, the Flash Eye Tester is sufficiently compact not to obstruct or interfere with the tester upon which it is mounted. Second, the method of mounting or attachment must be reliable and sturdy. The method of universal mounting is necessary, so the Flash Eye Tester will work equally well with the largest variety of commonly-used testers. Each unit will be equipped with a plastic mounting bracket that screws or clamps around the testing device, so it can be positioned in a wide range of configurations. The Flash Eye Tester includes a single battery-powered LED bulb contained within a molded plastic housing and controlled by a toggle switch. The design of the LED's housing as a rotating, pivoting, directable “turret” makes it possible to easily aim the light at the right area. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Flash Eye Tester. 
The Flash Eye Tester is Patent Pending and was invented by Ralph Ventrella, Jr. an electrician living in Forest Park, IL who said, “Any hand-held device will improve its viability when using the Flash Eye Tester.  It is easy-to install, easy-to use, inexpensive and best of all, it works.”

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