"The Float and Feed Duck": Hunters Find It Lifelike and Functional in the Field

​Attention Waterfowl Hunters!  According to Wikipedia there are four large flyways in the United States that waterfowl follow – the Atlantic, Mississippi, Central and Pacific Flyways and hunters use decoys to lure the birds within range. This new product is one that every hunter will want to have available when hunting.  Flying duck formations will clamor to the Float and Feed Duck and come searching for some of the food being found by the decoy.  The Float and Feed Duck is an automated floating feeding duck decoy designed to imitate the “tail-up” feeding motion of a dabbling or diving duck. It features an internal rechargeable battery and is user-friendly and easily portable.

The Float and Feed Duck is a single decoy that is compact, easy to carry and easy to set out. What makes it unusual is that it is an active decoy. The diving, dabbling motion is created by the alternate filling and emptying of an electrical bilge-pump which extends downward like a keel from a gasket-sealed panel at the base of the decoy’s body. The Float and Feed Duck is a vast improvement over inactive and keel-weight floating decoys currently in the marketplace.  And, it is a vast improvement over the multi-decoy, motorized systems that costs hundreds of dollars more and require a time-consuming and laborious set-up process, ideally in a long-term hunting site. This decoy is ready to go on any body of water selected by the hunter. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Float and Feed Duck. 

The Patent Pending Float and Feed Duck was invented by avid duck-hunter Forrest Christopher Allen, a United States Marie living in Fredericksburg, VA who said, “The Float and Feed Duck provides lifelike movement that adds to the attraction for waterfowl. It literally attracts birds to a location near the hunter. When searching for food, the Float and Feed Duck portrays exactly what the flying waterfowl are looking for and it works.”

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