"The Floral Supply Containers": Vase is the Base Providing Elegant Flower Presentations

​Fresh flowers are a delightful surprise for a recipient for a birthday or birth of a baby or a promotion and more but they are beautiful no matter what the occasion. The Floral Supply Containers is a product line of molded plastic, wheeled and stackable containers designed specifically for use by florists and event planners. With multiple padded compartments for holding and protecting glass vases and other delicate items, the Floral Supply Containers keeps stored and transported items organized and protected against breakage saving time, frustration and money. Easily versatile, the Floral Supply Containers can be utilized for various other storage purposes as well.

This line of storage containers has cushioned compartments that keep the vases organized and safe from wear and tear.  The units come in various sizes to accommodate different size vases. The unit is mainly for floral items but is versatile and could be utilized in other areas as well. The containers are fabricated in durable molded plastic and feature removable wheels, a hinged snap-locking lid and mating/matching molded recesses (top and bottom) for stability. A transparent label-window on the side of each permits users to record the contents for ease in access.   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Floral Supply Containers.
The Patent Pending Floral Supply Containers was invented by Melissa Anganu of Westbury, NY who said, “Although I am a nursing student I also am a wedding/event floral designer. I needed safe storage for my vases after their original boxes were destroyed and designed the Floral Supply Containers.  These containers work perfectly for fragile vases and keeps them organized and safe from damage during transport and when in storage.”

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