"The Fool-a-Hoop = the Game Decider": The Ultimate Toy for a Basketball Fan

The "Fool-A-Hoop = The Game Decider" is a novelty product that is both a stress reliever and fun at the same time.

​Everyone knows fun and games usually go together and sports fans in particular, feel similar happiness and enjoyment when attending games. The Fool-A-Hoop Game Decider is the ultimate toy for a basketball fan. It is a lightweight, collapsible and portable device that allows sports fans to “hoop it up” at the game thus distracting the opposing team while cheering their own team on to victory.  This device is also a working toy. When used with a soft basketball similar to Nerf products, it can be set up for a child to play virtually anywhere. It also can be set up in an office or a home for stress relieving enjoyment for adults.

The Fool-A-Hoop Decider will work anywhere. It has a collapsible backboard assembly with a hollow extendable trunk and features an attached collapsible rim with net.  The device can be designed with various team colors and even feature a team logo (dependent upon licensing issues) or advertisements on the retractable backboard. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Fool-A-Hoop Game Decider.
The Patented Fool-A-Hoop Game Decider was invented by Hewitt Mullings of Brooklyn, NY who said, “The Fool-A-Hoop Game Decider was designed to be compact. It can be collapsed and made narrow and small enough to be sufficiently inconspicuous for a fan to carry and hold at his/her seat in a stadium. For any of the more than 275 million global fans of basketball, this sports product is the perfect way to show support for a favorite team and have fun at the same time. I have a prototype that works perfectly.”

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