"The Foot Protector": Offering Instant Pain Free Relief From Foot Fatigue

​The Merriam-Webster online dictionary describes fatigue in several ways but this example stands out—weariness or exhaustion from labor, exertion or stress and foot fatigue fits that description. However, there is a new product to prevent foot pain or fatigue. The Foot Protector is a line of wearable, therapeutic gel cushions specially designed to sheathe the metatarsal area of the foot and will accommodate any type of shoe, from high heels and athletic sneakers, to work boots. The Foot Protector shields the foot against friction and pressure points that can cause or exacerbate painful, unattractive bunions and calluses while at the same provide a simple and soothing means of battling foot fatigue.

The oval Foot Protector is made of a pliable silicone gel material and is approximately 1½” - 3¾” in left-to-right height and 2” in width and 1mm in thickness. It is a cushiony unit with an open ingress area at the base where a user inserts the toes of the foot. It is pulled down to surround the metatarsal portion of the foot with the toes comfortably extending out of the other side. The Foot Protector offers a thong-like separator that rests between the large toe and the other four toes. At the end of the day the wearer can clean the Foot Protector with soap and water, dry completely, and store until needed again. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Foot Protector.
The Patent Pending Foot Protector was invented by Valerie Sperduto of Torrance, CA who said, “Busy feet are often aching feet but the Foot Protector offers soothing bliss no matter what type of shoe one is wearing. It protects the foot at pressure points in high heels or any other type shoe.  It works perfectly.”

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