"The Freedom Express": Allows Cordless Freedom of Mobility While Ironing

Invents introduces "The Freedom Express" irons out the wrinkles and kinks wherever and whenever needed.

​The Online Internet Dictionary specifically states that one of the meanings of appearance is:  the way that someone or something looks. The Freedom Express aims to aid the appearance and as such is an easily portable iron featuring a snap-in rechargeable battery for wireless short term use as well as an attached AC power cord for long term grid-powered use. One’s appearance is changed from bad or disreputable to excellent quite often due to clean and pressed clothing. The Freedom Express allows cordless freedom of mobility while ironing, along with the ability to iron while on the go whether or not a power outlet is available.

 The Freedom Express is a flat or steam iron that is either AC powered or battery powered and leaves the user with the choice depending totally upon the surrounding conditions. The device consists of high quality materials and has a spray liquid reservoir is easy to grip.  It looks like (or the appearance) to any other modern hand iron except it sports a simple AC pug-in port that supplies power when available but when not there, the Freedom Express takes over and will press the clothing needing to be ironed with the required heat. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Freedom Express.
The Patent Pending Freedom Express was invented by Roslin Barrett of Port Charlotte, FL who said, “Ironing can be a real duty for many, but when using the Freedom Express, it is made easier and simpler. It is perfect for any ironing job and great for quick touch ups. It keeps up the appearance of the user. ”

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