"The Frequency Pillow": Provides Convenient and Comfortable Relaxing Rest and Sleep

Time in bed can be painful for some individuals. Many people suffer with a sore head and/or neck making it difficult when the goal is to rest or obtain a good night’s sleep. This exceptional pillow provides consumers with a cooling and soothing means to achieve comfort, head and neck stabilization, relaxation and relief while resting or sleeping. The Frequency Pillow is a specially designed, ergonomic, stabilizing pillow featuring the ability to play music, the comfort of memory foam and the cooling capabilities of cooling gel and an integrated fan. The Frequency Pillow is rechargeable. A specially designed, fitted and zippered pillow case for the Frequency Pillow is available and sold separately.

The rectangular pillow is made of a durable memory foam with the center having a semi-circular cutout to accommodate the head in cool comfort. Ensconced within separate chambers, the interior components contain a battery-operated fan positioned above where the head rests, cooling gel, and a zipper section located around the perimeter of the headrest. Two speakers near each ear are activated by Bluetooth® technology and a rechargeable battery source and can sync with a music player such as one's smartphone or tablet computer. A simple ON/OFF switch is included along with a USB port for use with a smartphone, tablet or computer which may not have Bluetooth capabilities. The pillow case fits like a glove and has a zipper closure just below the rear vent fan. It also has a lined opening for the fan, front and rear of the pillow case. Cut-outs are strategically placed to accommodate the controls of the unit as well as the adjustable cord. Available separately it keeps the Frequency Pillow clean and pristine. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Frequency Pillow. 
The Frequency Pillow is Patent Pending and was invented by Nattalia Genao of Flushing, NY who said, “This unique pillow offers relief from a variety of ailments and is blissfully cooling to the person with a fever or hot flashes and, by stabilizing the head and neck, discomfort is ended. It eliminates the need for ear phones to lull one’s self to sleep with calming music as well. It works.”

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