"The Fridge Door Handle Tie": Keeps Refrigerator Handles Clean and Sanitary

​The Fridge Door Handle Tie is a decorative and functional towel like accessory specially designed to cover the door handles of your refrigerator. It is designed to provide a pleasant looking, washable cover for the refrigerator door handles that also keeps them clean and sanitary. The rectangular shaped Fridge Door Handle Tie will be made of cotton fabric with many different pleasing designs printed on them. The fabric will also feature an inlay of soft yet durable sponge material to give them a pleasant feeling. There will also be a rubber grip on the underside that will keep the tie in place. To secure them to the handle, there would be a Velcro fastener on each side or something similar. The Fridge Door Handle Ties will be machine washable as well.

The Fridge Door Handle Tie will give a common everyday appliance an eye-catching accent that will double as a sanitary sheathe. It will solve the problem of germs building up on this heavily used area. The Fridge Door Handle Tie will eliminate the need to constantly wipe down your refrigerator door handles after every touch. It is an innovative product that will help consumers maintain a clean, healthy, and attractive kitchen. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Fridge Door Handle Tie.

The Patent Pending Fridge Door Handle Tie was invented by Mala Persaud of Jamaica, NY who said, “As a housewife and a mother of three children, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and in and out of the refrigerator. The children are always opening the refrigerator door with messy hands also. This is how I conceived the idea for this product. It works perfectly.”

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Source: Invents Company


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