"The G-Mat": Wiping Feet at Door Provides Hygienic Interior Floors

The G-Mat is a unique, disposable doormat that would not only clean one's shoe soles at the door, but disinfect them as well, keeping interior floors and carpets clean and hygienic. It is designed to last for 90 days and kill bacteria, viruses, and other microbes at the door, and prevent their being tracked, as well as dirt and debris, into the interior of home, office, store, school, or health-care facility, thereby maintaining a healthier interior environment.

The G-Mat has a rubber, non-slip bottom and a synthetic-fiber upper surface. The G-Mat is offered in a variety of sizes for residential, commercial and institutional users, with a residential mat measuring 40”L x 35”W. The mat features a green, oval border to signify its disinfecting character — synthetic fibers of the wiping surface are tough durable bristles — impregnated with a long-lasting disinfectant solution. At the end of that time, the old G-Mat is simply disposed of and replaced with a fresh one. A typical household would use a total of four G-Mats a year. It is self-contained and requires no maintenance. It effectively removes dirt, mud and other debris from the soles of one’s shoes while also eliminating harmful microbes that otherwise would be tracked into the home. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the G-Mat.
The G-Mat is Patent Pending and was invented by Chris Williams and Vivian Dixon of Chicago, IL who said, “Once you step onto the mat and wipe your feet, the solution contained in the mat will kill germs, bacteria, and other microbes for a period of up to 90 days. The G-Mat works and it is affordable, and every home should have one. It offers a security wherever it is utilized and should be used in day-care and health care facilities and in schools and other institutional establishments. It works.”

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