The GaZinta Is A Faster And More Efficient Way Of Cutting/Sawing

The GaZinta is a belt saw more powerful and more precise than any reciprocating saw.

America, is your reciprocating saw aggravating you? Are you tired of the kickbacks, bending and breaking blades? The GaZinta is a belt saw more powerful and more precise than a reciprocating saw. It offers both professionals and homeowners an alternate, more effective and speedier way to precision and demolition cuts of various construction material. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating a strong consumer interest in the GaZinta,.

The Patent Pending GaZinta was invented by Gerald Lang, a General Contractor with an architectural background from Mattituck, NY, who said, "The body of the GaZinta Saw appears quite similar to a regular reciprocating saw, with a handle and trigger on one end and a thin, flat cutting blade extending from the other. The key difference is the GaZinta is a rotating steel cable belt blade riding on a rigid bar similar to that of a chain saw. This bar comes in various lengths, widths and thicknesses and is attached flush and in-line to either the left or right side of the body of the GaZinta. The size of the bar chosen will be according to the various degrees of work from fine cutting to demolition. Beneath the trigger, the handle is hollow to accommodate a large, rechargeable battery. It also sports a power cord coupling which allows for an external cord to be attached when available battery power is insufficient for operation."

He added, "This is a vast improvement to the standard reciprocating saw, the GaZinta can do anything and more, than a reciprocating saw can do. Use of the GaZinta eliminates the common issues that arise with use of a reciprocating saw such as bent blades, jerkiness and overall vibration. This due to the clever inclusion produces smoother, faster, and better cuts, overall."

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