"The Grab & Go Phone Case": Provides Safe Handling Ensuring a Longer Screen Life for Your Smart Phone

Attention smart phone users. Here is a solution to a problem that cell phone users dread while using his or her phone. This new product will forever change the way you use your phone as well as reduce hand pain and strain when using this newly designed case. The Grab & Go Phone Case is a smartphone casing with an attached, wearable band, or hand strap specially designed to secure a cellular smartphone to the hand of the user. Offering a hand strap that gives a full 360° of rotation, and thus a more comfortable and reliable grasp, the design intent is to reduce droppage and increase comfort by offering consumers a more secure and efficient means of handling and operating these delicate and expensive devices.
The Grab & Go Phone Case is cleverly designed with an attached companion hand strap that is specially designed to secure a smart phone to the hand and allows for protection and full use of the device in an essentially a “strain-free” manner. The band is fashioned of a durable yet breathable elastic material. The provided sleeve like phone case is sized to accommodate standard devices in a plastic neoprene unit interconnected to the band. The rectangular unit, approximately 6”H x 3”W x ¼”D or depending on the make and model the phone and has an open face allowing easy visual and operation of the touchscreen as well as a rear opening over the camera lens. The sleeve is configured to swivel allowing the attached phone to be effortlessly positioned in any needed direction for selfies, etc. The Grab & Go Phone Case is produced in a variety of colors and sizes to appeal to each individual taste. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Grab & Go Phone Case.
The Grab & Go Phone Case is Patent Pending and was invented by Michael Castaneda of Vista, CA who said, “I have designed this case with the end user in mind to make sure they never have to deal with the risk or hassle of ever having to drop or strain their hand again (like I did so many times) as well as saving the user hundreds or even thousands of dollars on costly repairs. Thank you for taking time to read this, hope you enjoy the product.
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