"The Grid": Advanced Visual Aid Teaches Basic Techniques to Pool Player Wannabes

The Internet has long lists of both male and female pool players on the professional circuit as well as top amateurs state by state. The game of pool has been around for a long time and is enjoyed globally. Now there is a swifter way to learn how to play pool. The Grid is a software application that works with a specially designed, ceiling mounted projector which creates an interactive, instructional diamond-based grid directly onto the surface of a pool table, to teach the basics of playing pool. Offering an interactive means of mastering a pool table and providing instant feedback, ensuring that users quickly learn from their mistakes, the design intent is to provide novices with a technologically advanced visual aid in learning essential techniques needed to proficiently pocket a ball with consistency in a very short period.

Every billiards table has either diamonds or dots inlaid into the frame of the rails. These are not just for decoration but serve to assist in choosing the proper angles for kick shots and banks. When used properly one can calculate or visualize the precise impact point to send the cue ball or object ball to any other spot on the pool table. The Grid is created to impart the proper techniques of using the diamond/dot system. Made available through application distribution platforms The Grid app itself, also referred to as the Pool Shark, can be downloaded to a target device, such as an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Windows Phone. The ceiling mounted projector — known as The Grid for Pool Shark —  consists of an optical lens that transfers the images from the phone or tablet through a magnified light source, so a sharp, clear image can be projected onto the pool table surface. Once both the app and the projector are activated The Grid suggests the best shot and displays it on the screen. To provide an example of how The Grid works: the user chooses the type of pool game to be played, straight pool; eight-ball; nine-ball; couples; etc. and the app considers the location of the cue ball, the object ball and the pocket in which one may want to sink the ball. A kick shot may be necessary because an opponent’s balls block a direct view of the target. Alternately, a bank shot may be necessary because the opponent’s balls block access to an otherwise easy pocket. The Grid will then assist the player with a suggestion for the best course of action.Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Grid.

The Grid is Patent Pending and was invented by Garth Cartwright of Wilmington, IL who said, “Learning the proper techniques in the game of pool can be trying for a novice but The Grid eases the learning process and provides the essential techniques to proficiently pocket a ball with consistency. The ability to possess the necessary skills to clear tables is made simpler and easier when using The Grid. It works.”

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