"The Grip Bottle E-Z": Places the Beverage Directly Into Glass or Cup With Ease

The Grip Bottle E-Z is a specially designed, comfortable grip handle with an adjustable strap to be easily applied to existing beverage bottles such as two- and three-liter containers and large wine bottles. The design intent is to provide a convenient and easy means of handling, pouring, and transporting larger beverage bottles and containers that are otherwise difficult to hold and often require two hands to move them from place to place or with which to pour.

Fabricated with durable plastic the Grip Bottle E-Z is rectangular and slightly curved to provide ample space for the fingers. The base features an adjustable strap with interlocking pegs allowing the ring-like strap to be widened and tightened to accommodate variously sized bottles and cans. The actual handle contains a series of rubberized grooved indentations to facilitate a firm grip.  The Grip Bottle E-Z units are offered in a wide array of sizes, colors, and designs. A gold colored Grip Bottle E-Z is made for either formal or festive events. Personalized logos can be displayed on the Grip Bottle E-Z. Braille is being an option for the purchaser. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Grip Bottle E-Z. 
The Grip Bottle E-Z is Patent Pending and was invented by Monique Hughes of The Bronx, NY who said, “This product eliminates the hassles often encountered when trying to pour a drink from heavy bottles. It goes onto the bottle easily and removes effortlessly. The Grip Bottle E-Z can be very beneficial to people with limited mobility and arthritis plus a great assist to all ages from kids to seniors. It works perfectly.”

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