The GT Tool Vest

The GT Tool Vest provides a place for everything and everything in its place.

Many tradesmen need a variety of tools which they must have handy and usually carry on a standard tool belt. The GT Tool Vest is a greatly improved tool belt-much more convenient and easier on the workman's back. It is a tough and durable, heavy-duty work vest designed for use in the various construction trades. With its reinforced leather loops and hangers, and a wealth of pockets and compartments designed for the securing or storage of multiple tools and accessories, the GT Tool Best gives those in the construction and repair trades a comfortable, high-capacity tool carrying system. The GT Tool Vest provides a working lifetime's service. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer response to the GT Tool Vest.

The Patent Pending GT Tool Vest was invented by Gillard Tertullien of Bridgeport, CT, who said, “The GT Tool Vest can be produced in either (or both) leather or a tough and durable canvas or a similar, high-denier synthetic fiber such as nylon or Cordura® webbing. The GT Tool Vest has triple-stitched, padded and reinforced shoulders; a removable, zippered insulated liner for cold weather use; triple-stitched seams throughout; a zip-closure front; and fittings reinforced with rivets. The rear of the GT Tool Vest is equipped with a heavy-duty, reinforced vertical strap (in leather or Cordura®) and steel O-rings for attachment to a safety harness. It is equipped with D-rings and leather loops for hanging larger tools such as hammers; pockets and pouches for smaller tools and supplies ranging from nails and screws to wire; tape-measures; pliers and snips; and even a cellphone pouch or holster.”

The inventor added, “The GT Tool Vest is designed to work with a number of specialized, dedicated, interchangeable and easily fastened accessories, including a leather hand-saw holster; a sheetrock knife holster; and a variety of add-on pockets and pouches that can be used for the specific tools, fasteners, and accessories required by different trades. In other words, the GT Tool Vest can be individually customizable by trade. It is useful to the carpenter and the sheetrock installer, the plumber and the electrician, the cable installer and line-worker, the sheet-metal mechanic and the HVAC technician.”

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