"The Gut Stick": An Accessory No Hunter Will Want to Be Without When Doing Field Dressings

​Attention hunters! Convenience and efficiency are two important items when one has completed a day’s hunt.  The Gut Stick is a length-extendable, rigid rod or shaft to be used by hunters when field-dressing deer and other big game. The design intent is to expand the animal’s rib cage and prop the body cavity open allowing the hunter to easily gut the animal. The Gut Stick is more stable and reliable than the sticks found in the woods and will add convenience and efficiency to the end of a successful hunt.

The Gut Stick is made of a durable and flex-resistant, yet thin, thermoplastic polymer. It is packaged two per unit. Each stick expands from a minimum of 12 inches to a maximum of 18 inches. Its telescoping properties are achieved by the unique design featuring a tube within a tube. The inner shaft extends to the desired length between the 12 and 18 inches with a push-locking pin mechanism. The two ends are arched and perpendicular to the cylindrical expandable shaft. The ends are finished in a series of alternative notches and tabs that provide a superior and reliable grip on either side of the animal’s body cavity. It is produced in a bright hunter’s orange.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Gut Stick.
The Patent Pending Gut Stick was invented by Ron Olsson and Allen Quinn, longtime hunters from Montague, NJ who said, “The Gut Stick is lightweight and easy-to-carry in a bag or jacket and the bright orange color makes it highly visible. It is easy to find and hard to lose and is the hunter’s perfect accessory meeting the need when a hunt is successful and completed. It works.”

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