"The H20 Master": Provides Pets Constant Fresh Water Supply

​The unconditional love of a dog is perhaps one of the most treasured traits of a beloved pet. Keeping the pet happy and healthy is a duty of all owners. Fresh clean water is as important to an animal as it is to humans and the H2O Master is a perfect way to accomplish this feat. The H2O Master is a self-refilling water bowl for dogs and others pets that is designed to automatically refill the water whenever it falls below a certain level. Connected to a water hose and working much like a toilet does refilling the bowl after a flush the H2O Master ensures the pet has a constant source of fresh water, simplifying the master’s life and enhancing the lives of pets everywhere.

The H20 Master is a bucket-style, plastic cylindrical bowl or container equipped with a hinged plastic lid over the water tank.  A float or fill valve similar to those found in toilet tanks is concealed within the plastic of one side of the bucket – the covered ‘water tank’ side – while the open topped ‘drinking side’ of the bucket is opaque plastic. A hose-bib at the base of the bucket receives a hose which supplies the water flow. The float-valve’s threshold is adjustable and set by the user. A smaller version of the H20 Master is produced for small breed dogs and cats.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the H20 Master.
The Patent Pending H20 Master was invented by Miguel Lopez of Fontana, CA who said, “Each time a pet lowers the water-level by drinking water, it refills automatically. The H20Master truly is a set it and forget it appliance and ensures your pet will continually have a supply of fresh clean water. It is perfect for pet owners who have to work and are away from home for longer than normal periods. Pets and owners will appreciate this unique H2O Master.”

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