"The Hammer Handle w/Multiple Tools": A Basic Set of Premium-Quality, Sturdily Built Manual Hand-Tools

"The Hammer Handle w/Multiple Tools" allows a user the choice of use with a minimum of tools in a perfect "set".

​Tools, tools and more tools. Shelves and walls filled with tools are noticeable at all types of retailers but extensive displays are more apt to be found at retailers such as Home Depot, Lowes and similar type establishments. o
In many areas this type of display can be limited because of this specially designed set of tools starting with the Hammer Handle w/Multiple Tools.  The Hammer Handle w/Multiple Tools is a basic set of premium-quality, sturdily built manual hand-tools with four type of hammer, an ax, a nail-puller, a pry-bar, and a crescent wrench featuring interchangeable heads and a universal, extendable handle constituting a perfect all-in-one modular tool set.
The Hammer Handle w/Multiple Tools is a set of tools that can be easily stowed, easily transported, and easily assembled, all of which provide a total of six tools with just one single hammer handle. Consumers will benefit from purchasing this grouping of tools and the ergonomic hammer handle makes each tool easy to use and control.  The tool heads fasten into a dead-blow hammer, a ball-peen hammer, a tipped hammer, a sledgehammer and an ax. The set is packaged in a durable, hinged carrying case molded with form fitting recesses for the handle, the tool heads and the mounting hardware.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Hammer Handle w/Multiple Tools.
The Patent Pending Hammer Handle w/Multiple Tools was invented by Ignacio Villa of Fontana, CA who said, “The use of this tool means it has fulfilled what it was designed for even though the user doesn’t need a cabinet or wall full of various tools. For those individuals who are not carpenters, special contractors or other specialists, the Hammer Handle w/Multiple Tools fits the bill and performs as needed. It works perfectly.”

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