"The Hammer Helmet": Designed to Give the Hammer Increased Leverage for Pulling Nails and Protects the Surface

Invents introduces "The Hammer Helmet" which protects and defends the integrity of finished carpentry.

​A head often needs protection and as used in sports or the military a helmet offers that safety. In the case of a construction tool such as a hammer, the helmet offers protection to the walls/wood when it is used to remove nails. The Hammer Helmet is made of products similar to that of any various protective head covering usually made of a hard material to resist impact. It is a simple, slip-on accessory for a claw-hammer that is designed to give the hammer increased leverage for pulling nails while at the same time, protects the surface from which the nails are being removed. It is a rubber helmet that attaches to the top of the hammer and allows the user to easily and effortlessly remove a nail from a piece of wood. It can be used during fine carpentry work and prevents Damage to the final product while giving the user more control.

The Hammer Helmet slips over the center (or eye) of the hammer head and is held in placed against the hammer-heads cheeks. It functions to increase leverage and to cushion and protect surfaces.  Fabricated in soft durable white rubber, it fastens to the steel claw-hammer head by means of friction temporarily or permanently where it is installed using both friction and zip ties. It is perfect when using on moldings, cabinets and other areas where the wood finish must be protected.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Hammer Helmet.
The Patent Pending Hammer Helmet was invented by Anthony Annunziata of Union, NJ who said, “The Hammer Helmet is a beneficial accessory for the tool most often used in carpentry (the hammer). It saves time and effort while also reducing waste because of a marred product.”

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