"The Hand Drill Dust Collector": An Accessory for an Electric Drill

Invents introduces "The Hand Drill Dust Collector" which protects working areas and users from massive dust or debris displaced by drill.

​Attention carpenters, body shop personnel, and all others who use hand drills in their industry or on a day to day basis as a homeowner.  The Hand Drill Dust Collector solves many problems for the user. It is an accessory for an electric drill designed to fit over the drill bit and act as an effective and convenient collector for the sawdust, paint, plastic, or metal displaced by the drill.  It works equally well on a drill whether cordless or electric.

The small cone shaped device slips over the shaft of the drill bit acting as a collection receptacle. It is easy to use and assemble by simply sliding the chuck-end of the chosen drill bit though the opening in the small end of the collector. As the drill bit removes dust and shavings from the material being drilled, the device will seat itself over the drilled hole and the debris falls into the collector leaving the user with a clean job site and easy disposal of the mess. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Hand Drill Dust Collector.

The Patent Pending Hand Drill Dust Collector was invented by co-inventors, Isaac Pacheco and Emmanuel Pacheco of Ontario, CA who said “This tool/drill accessory keep debris from getting into the user’s eyes. It also aids in cleanup because it keeps dust and debris from soiling adjacent and underlying surfaces. It works well on a wall or roof and keeps the electricians, remodelers, carpenters, auto body personnel and others from getting the dust and debris into their lungs and over their head, arms, hands and body. Many industries will find this a vital accessory to their daily work.”

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