"The Hat Sleeve": Offers a Back of Hat Display With LED Lights, Name or Logo

​Every individual likes to feel he or he is a bit different from those others in the crowd. One way to be different is to use the new Hat Sleeve.  The Hat Sleeve is a tube-like sleeve designed to cover the adjustable Velcro® -fastening bands on the back of ball-caps. Both utilitarian and ornamental, the Hat Sleeve would prevent the Velcro® of the band from catching in one's hair, and be embellished with a variety of logos, slogans, and emblems – and also with distinctive LED lights.

The Hat Sleeve is fabricated in a soft durable woven fabric, either natural or synthetic, in a variety of colors that users can mix and match, contrast or coordinate with their head pieces. In addition, the Hat Sleeve features several small, battery-powered LEDs in a variety of colors that are powered by a small lithium-ion battery. The Hat Sleeve can be personalized with a variety of words and/or logos and thus used for advertising as well. It I perfect for promotional giveaways and businesses ranging from banks and bookstores to trucking firm, breweries, bars and restaurants would benefit. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Hat Sleeve.
The Patent Pending Hat Sleeve was invented by Scott Blume of Woodridge, IL who said, “The Hat Sleeve actually makes the hat more attractive and more comfortable a well. It is not only functional it is an aesthetic improvement. Ball caps are must-haves for men and many women too. This product accessory has numerous expressions and individualizes the wearer.  It works.”

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Source: Invents Company


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