"The Heated Mat": No Snow Blower or Rock Salt Needed When Using This Unique Mat

Winter weather holds no problems for homes or offices where this new mat is utilized. The Heated Mat is a heated covering that is specially designed for private and public driveways and walkways. The design intent is to provide consumers and businesses with a simple and effective means of removing snow and ice accumulation, as well as preventing accumulation in these areas, thereby eliminating the need to shovel. It is totally safe to walk on and the use of the Heated Mat can also prevent ice related slip and fall accidents.

The rectangular Heated Mat comes in a standard size to accommodate both household and commercial needs. It is made with slip-resistant, weather- and waterproof rubber, plastic, or comparable synthetic material and features an insulated heating element. To heat the entire surface of the mat, the element is configured as a wire and is sandwiched between two layers of the mat. Once activated, the temperature of the insulated heating element quickly rises warming the surface of the mat via a series of suctions that serve as a point of egress to efficiently melt any accumulated ice or snow. For practical purposes, the thick, nonskid suctions are designed to also evaporate the water left behind by the melted snow and ice, ensuring steady and stable footing when walking upon the unit. The Heated Mat operates on conventional 110 volts, 60-hertz power to be connected to any outdoor power outlet. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Heated Mat.
The Heated Mat is Patent Pending and was invented by Dwayne Anthony of Neptune, NJ.who said, “This is unique because it is safe to walk on while in use and it will not damage sidewalks or driveways like happens when using rock salt. Pets too can walk on the Heated Mat without chemicals damaging their paws. It is clean, dry and it works.”

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